Calycanthus floridus 'Aphrodite'

'Aphrodite' is a new improved re-blooming calycanthus with larger flowers, and more intense sweet apple-like fragrance. Also known as Carolina allspice, calycanthus is a south- east U.S. native deciduous shrub. Flowers are 2" across, magnolia-like, very fragrant, bright red and blooming in May. The scent can be described as combination of pineapple, strawberry and banana. Flowers form brownish, urn-shaped fruits in fall and persist throughout the winter. Leaves are aromatic when bruised, and deer resistant. It is recommended  that this shrub be planted close to front door, patio or other living areas where the fragrant flower aroma may be enjoyed. Pruning is recommended immediately after flowering to maintain shape. U.S. Plant Patent #24,014.



Calycanthus floridus, commonly known as Carolina allspice, is a dense, rounded deciduous shrub with a suckering habit which grows 6-9' (less frequently to 12') tall with an equal or slightly greater spread. It tends to grow taller in shade.  The fragrant, brown to reddish-brown flowers (2" across) give way to brownish, urn-shaped fruits (seed capsules) which mature in fall and persist throughout the winter. Lustrous, dark green (pale beneath), ovate to elliptic leaves to 6" long turn golden yellow in fall. It is best to purchase this plant when in flower because the quality and intensity of the fragrance can vary widely from plant to plant.  It is also commonly called sweetshrub and strawberry bush in reference to its fragrance.  Further common name of hairy allspice is in reference to the hairy twigs and leaf undersides of this plant. U.S. native from Virginia to Florida. It has no known serious insect or disease problems and generally a trouble free shrub.

Genus name comes from the Greek words kalyx meaning calyx and anthos meaning a flower. Species name means of Florida.


plant details

Height 5 - 8'
Spacing 6 - 7'
Exposure Plant in sun or partial shade
Hardy Temp -20°F (-28°C)
Uses Mixed borders; perennial beds.
Features Large, fragrant red summer flowers.
Glossy foliage. Reblooming. Deer resistant.
Soil Adaptable to most moist well drained soils.
Pruning Prune to shape after flowering.
Type Deciduous
Bloomtime Summer
Flower Color Red
Foliage Color Green
Zone 5 - 9