The Brooksider

Friends of Brookside Gardens E-newsletter


The Brooksider Co-Editors: Freddi Hammerschlag, Joe Ann Stenstrom
Editorial Staff: Gene Horman, Elaine Dynes, Nithya Raghavan and Coriolana Simon

With this issue of the Brooksider, Board members Freddi Hammerschlag and Joe Ann Stenstrom continue as the co-editors. They always plan for fresh and engaging new features for the quarterly newsletter, including book reviews, answers to gardening questions, interviews and special columns. Our thanks to Gene Horman for his dedicated work on the Brooksider for the past many years. Coriolana Simon, Doug Wolters, Nithya Raghavan and Elaine Dynes continue to enhance the newsletter with their stunning photographs and editorial help. 

The Brooksider will have the following sections:
• The Presidents Letter
• News from Brookside - Update from Stephanie
• Flyer and/or write up on upcoming events
• Series entitled "Meet Your Friends"
• Section entitled "Ask Dick Hammerschlag"
• Garden Book Reviews
• FOBG Sponsored Events
• Brookside Gardens Adult Programs
• Listing of FOBG Board of Directors

Deadlines for submitting information for the quarterly issue of Brookside are January , April , July and October respectively.

Brooksider newsletter is now sent via email to FOBG members.