About Joan's Garden

Joan O’Rourke is the founding president of Friends of Brookside Gardens and a popular and knowledgeable instructor. She has developed her suburban yard into what she calls a “collector’s garden”. Much of her plant collection started out as dwarfs or miniatures but under her extraordinary care these specimens quickly outgrew their expected stature. Visitors will find a woodland shade forest with an amazing display of evergreens interspersed with a varietal flush of spring bulbs, hellebores, ferns, peonies, bluebells and many other perennials. Her lower yard has been developed into raised bed clusters of gardens and within every crevice she has tucked away a diverse assortment of low growing shrubs such as camellia, daphne, mahonia, azaleas and more. Potted plants abound everywhere as the owner is a master of growing in pots. Many pots have two or more species of evergreens and under Joan’s intensive care, have flourished. A sizeable greenhouse provides space for plant propagation and housing tender collections. The trickling of water from a small fish pond and the shady garden nooks that have been created will inspire and delight all visitors.