About Anne Hardman


It all started when...

After spending a 35-year career at the National Institutes of Health, Anne  retired in 2004 from the National Institute on Aging.  After "graduating" from a life of science writing, program analysis and budget projections she was determined to try something entirely different.  She decided that she  would become a "Garden Lady"!  She began volunteering with Jim Deramus in the fragrance garden at Brookside Gardens.  By 2007 she was hired as one of Brookside's Label Ladies, and has been engraving those little signs for the plants since then.

Anne noticed after a while that she had collected a fair number of orchids, and a friend suggested that she might enjoy volunteering with the Smithsonian's Orchid Collection. She began in 2007, and the serious orchid collecting began as she learned about the many different types of orchids, their care, and their ecological niches. She also started volunteering at the Hillwood Estate orchid collection in about 2010. Anne belong's to the National Capital Orchid Society and the Rock Creek Orchid Club, whose members will be showing their orchids at the FOBG's Orchid Show and Sale.  Anne has been lucky to travel to Costa Rica and South Africa on orchid trips and recently traveled to Ecuador to look at orchids in their natural habitat. She currently provides care to 50 or so orchids in her home, growing on windowsills and under lights.

And the rest of the "Garden Lady" quest?  She belongs to 4 garden clubs, and gardens in Silver Spring, inside the beltway and is particularly fond of woodies and pollinator gardening.