About Joe Francis


It all started when...

Joe began gardening at age 12 when the Burpee Seed Company had its contest to find the first white marigold. Tall marigolds, cosmos and tall zinnia plus four o’clock flowers the staples of the late 40’s gardens were his domain.

Fast forward to about spring 1980 and his wife brought home a species cattleya skinneri  in full bloom; and a new gardening venture began. Today Joe has 2,000sqft of greenhouse space; lectures on orchid care within the four surrounding states, conducts workshops and plant seminars, installs orchid exhibits in open competitions in the tristate area and holds over 46 American Orchid Society flower and cultural merit recognition awards.

Joe is a certified Master Gardener now in his 16th year of volunteer service. He recently vacated the immediate past President office of the Fairfax Master Gardeners and has more than 2,000 hours of volunteer service. He has held senior leadership positions in the National Capital Orchid Society continuously since 2002.